SEO Ranking should be used Less Often

SEO ranking is where by you search a site by use of keywords. The number of ranking tools in the web is enormous each having a potential to deliver results. Google is growing more and more sophisticated reducing the accuracy of the ranking tools. A good example is that your search of a website may vary with another person’s search. Actually one person’s search may appear as 1st while another individual’s search may not give any results. This is due to the addition of new variables which completely change the performance of how your site will be ranked.

Variables which affect how your site ranks will depend on various factor which include:

  • The type of device being used-here a person using an android device is more likely to receive more personalised results. This is because Google takes into account things such as favourite hangouts.
  • Search history-users results vary with what website was visited recently
  • Geographical bearings-a person in India searching a site and a person in Malaysia searching the same site is likely to receive different rankings of the site due to difference in locations.
  • searching the web while logged to their Google account- is able to track tastes and differences of each person hence base their site ranking based on the
  • use of a dirty browser-nowadays its almost next to impossible to search without cookies appearing and also search histories

What about the Disadvantage of using SEO ranking?

  • A single site can rank on thousands of words hence even though it will give an accurate rank then the degree of overlooking the remaining keywords is very high
  • Keyword ranking tools encourage a status quo that all that matters is the keyword which is not true
  • It limits creativity which is a necessary tool in creating successful online marketing today .SEO’s need to understand their audience and their clientele’s needs and act on them first by being more
  • The need to add a visibility level- this is hectic and unknown to most people hence not able to achieve the require results.

Given the caveats associated with SEO ranking, SEO should not be focus on ranking. It become more and more imperative that SEO be seen beyond that. This will ensure that you are not also left behind and measure the right metrics which is ultimately more exposure on the web that bring about more traffic to your website.

That should be the one of the main focus and success metrics of SEO and not ranking.